Magic Kingdom 50th Anniversary Posters

As the 50th anniversary nears, Disney communications have been taking an approach that blends the 50th anniversary of the Walt Disney Resort and the 50th anniversary of the Magic Kingdom. While both share the same date I hope Disney make some attempts to address both of these anniversaries individually. One way I’d like to see this achieved is through the creation of media or merchandise specific to the Magic Kingdom. Attraction Posters are one idea which could be used for both.

Attraction Posters have always been a key part of the parks, teasing guests and creating an initial tone for the rides before you even get in line for them. Disney knows the impact that such posters have as they have been key in the Epcot remodel. The Epcot preview center is plastered with posters honoring current, past, and future attractions. Disney even went as far to sell those posters, and others, in limited runs, so they know the popularity of them. Making attraction specific posters would not really fit the anniversary since attractions in the park haven’t always lasted or existed for 50 years. Instead the scope should be expanded out the represent the lands of the Magic Kingdom.

Main Street, USA

How do you acknowledge 50 years of an area that is meant to stay the same? While the Main Street itself barely changed, the people that walk down it have. For this poster it would be looking down main street from the square towards the castle. Families scattered along Main Street; each family dressed in a decade appropriate attire and accessories. Highlighting small advances like the change in cameras, would add that extra touch.


“Time the ever flowing river,” that quote doesn’t come from this park but it is the inspiration for the poster. An inexact map of Adventureland, with a river forming the shape of a 50 flowing through it. The zero represents the opening year attractions, the jungle cruise along the banks, Swiss Robinson Treehouse in the middle island. The shores of the 5 will house the other attractions added the years. The Enchanted Tiki Room will inhabit the upper bend of the 5 with signs at different points marking its name changes. Pirates will plunder above the 5 and Magic Carpets sold below.


Frontierland’s poster will be a notice board, containing fliers of the various attractions and shows from the land. The layering of the posters will represent the passage of time. Extinct shows such as the Stunt Show will be partially obstructed by other posters to imply that they are gone. The Country Bear Poster will have pasted over strips paying homage to their defunct seasonal shows. Attractions from Liberty Square would also be included in this design.


Due to the varied nature of this land, it’s trickier to find a cohesive theme that encompasses each of the attractions. The 50th teaser commercial does seem like the best concept. A library of a child, in the castle, or of the wizard Yensid containing trinkets from each of the attractions and shows.


Contrasting Main Street this land has seen the most changes over the years, both in it’s overall visual aesthetics and in attractions. Incorporating elements from each iteration of Tomorrowland would highlight this. Viewing Tomorrowland from the hub. The opening day entrance waterfalls will again flank the bridge. For the Tomorrowland sign at the midpoint of the bridge, combine the metal supports of the 90’s remodel with the newest clean white hoop topper. Space Mountain will loom in the distance. The rocket in the center atop the TTC dispatch. Have representatives from the various attractions scattered throughout the poster. The Nautilus in the water under the bridge, Stitch crawling on a building, the flyers of Dreamflight, ect.

Just One More

Another that I would like to be included would be one for the resorts. Just a simple one with roads going across the poster. Small buildings would line the roads as if a neighborhood. Each an artistic representation of the Disney Resorts arranged in chronological order.

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