Reimagine the Hocus Pocus Villain Spelltacular Show

Disney choice to add the Sanderson sisters at the Halloween party was a fantastic idea but sadly one that seemed half realized to me.  Watching the full show it seems Disney simply wedged them into last years Halloween stage show script. Instead they should of had a script that is more tailored to them.



Here is an outline for my changes to the show.I purposely kept the show similar to the existing show instead of creating new show. I have a tendency to self referential humor and bad puns. This outline does not lay out the complete banter between the sisters; instead focusing on the major exchanges and plot points.

(The group of dancers walk onto stage, one is holding a spell book.)


1: “Look I found this old book in the Sorcerer’s Library”

2: “I don’t know if we should mess with the Sorcerer’s stuff remember the mess the Apprentice made.”

1: “Oh there is nothing in here but Hocus Pocus. Look all these words are gibberish.”

3: “What does it say”

1: “Klaata verata nikto”

(After the words are said; a collection of creeks and wind are heard and the Sanderson sisters burst through the doors. The dancers huddle to one side of the stage, while the Sisters occupy the center and spread out to fill the opposite side.)


“Sisters it’s so good to be back again.”


“Look Wini, people and I smell children.”


“We don’t have time the spell will only last till midnight.”


“Why is it always midnight.”


“While we are here we might as well have some fun, Sarah why don’t enlist us some helpers”

(Wini fixes her eyes on the dancers. Sarah starts to sing entrancing the dancers and they stand straight from their huddle. As they do an extra person is revealed. Dr. Facilier steps forward startling Sarah.)

Dr. Facilier:

“Excuse me ladies. I might I be able to assist you.”


“And who are you to help us”

Dr. Facilier:

“I’m  Dr. Facilier little lady, and I think me and my friends from the other side might be able to help you.”

(When Facilier says little lady Wini gives a proud flirty looks and she runs her hands down her waist.)

“I feel like I should repay you since happened to hitch a ride from the other side.”

“Now let me see what me and my friends can do for you.”

(Sings modified song. Take out lyrics about changing ect)

(As Facilier song finishes the shadows has summoned [the projections on the castle] gather into the moon projection forming the outline of Boogie’s face. Referencing the scene in Nightmare before Christmas.)

(Boogie appears does his bit)


“Well this is turning into quite the gathering. Maybe we should just gather everyone and make it a howling good time. Sister’s to the black cauldron.”


“An apple, a clock, a needle, a frock, a key, a snake, bring them all here for a swinging wake”

Other villains appear.

Well now that we have so much evil in one place let’s leave our guests with a little present.

(Winifred sings “I put a spell on you” during which a small jokey exchange occurs)


“Of all the witches working I’m the worst”


“Hold up. I’m the vilest witch here.”


“I saw your movie.”


“I don’t know who that stunning imposter was.”


“Well, we will hex this out later”

(Song continues. This exchange could also be similarly done with the Evil Queen, instead switching out the punchline to “You were thwarted by 7 miners”)


“Our magic fades but to spread a little devilish delight. We shall be among you for the rest of the night”

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