Ride Design Starring Frozen – Part 3 A First Draft


(Guest enter the queue and head left passing by the loading area. Entering into the main queue which is housed in the Norway pavilion’s movie theater. The theater has been converted into a town square of Arendelle. A maypole stands in one corner. The market tent covers another part of the queue.)

(Chatter is heard through windows and through doors. Conversations and rumors of the townsfolk hints towards what happened before coronation day. )

Child: Mom I hate wearing this
Mother: Stop fidgeting, you have to look good for the coronation. The castle’s been closed for so long this is a special occasion.

Man 1: I hear Elsa has stayed hidden since she was a kid.
Man 2: They royal family used to come out all the time. 



(Riders board into sleighs in village, travel towards gate to castle. Gates open as vehicle nears leading to first scene,)


Scene 1:

(Entrance Hall of Castle. Riders enter through Front doors Windows wall with a staircase partially visible. Anna at bottom of stairs with look of excitement. Wall farthest from entrance plain with the exception of a single door)

Anna: That window is open, so that’s door. (Still statue of Anna pivots towards riders as they enter and pass ) I didn’t know they did that anymore. Finally they are opening up those gates.


Scene 2:

(Riders pass wall with door in it. Enter Elsa. Elsa stands next to door, preparing for her coronation.)

Elsa: Don’t let them in. Don’t let them see. Be the good girl you always have to be. Conceal, don’t feel. Put on a show. Make one wrong and everyone will know. (Elsa holding candlestick and jar in hand, lighting effects change “Frosting over” held objects.)


Transition Scene 1: (Turning away from Elsa’s room riders see church in distance)

Over heard Man: Now presenting Queen Elsa of Arendelle.


Scene 3:

Love is an open door. (Use of flat scenes and projection; such as outlines on the lighthouse and a projection on the sail. At end hear)

Hans: can I say something crazy will you marry me?


Scene 4:

(Coronation Ball)

Anna: I’m going to marry Hans

Elsa: I said no Anna. You barely know this man.

Anna: Why do you shut me out. What are you so afraid of?

Elsa: I said Enough!

Scene 4B:

(Vehicle quickly turns towards a wall of ice cicles in the rider’s face)

Anna: Elsa come back


Scene 5:

(Climb Hill climb looks like a snowy hill the emergency stairs)

Anna: I’ll go find my sister

(At top of hill we see the chandelier willow branches framing the top of the hill. In the place where Odin was a one eyed Olaf sits on a branch.)

Olaf: I’ll help you look for your sister. Let me just find my eye first.


Scene 6:

(Chandelier Trees. Sven and Kristoff seen here. Lighting darkens as riders proceeds towards a corner.)


Scene 7:

(Rounding corner and vehicle turns. Riders find themselves in Elsa’s ice castle.)

Elsa: Singing “Let it go” (As she sings her dress changes and the walls grows.)


Scene 8:

(Still in castle Anna confronts Elsa)

Anna:Please come back Elsa.

Elsa: No Anna  Go Away ect…

(After Elsa yells. Marshmellow is seen.)


Scene 9:

(Trolls home)

Kristoff: Grandpapi you have to help her, see’s as cold as ice.

Grandpapi: This is bad, her heart is frozen. Only an act of true love can unfreeze her heart.


Scene 10:

(Climb down. Looks like descending the mountain at the bottom is a fog screen similar to that one from pirates.)

Kristoff: (Heard but not seen) We have to get Anna back.

Olaf: Looks like Elsa’s down there too.


Scene 11:

(In the oil Derrick room. Split into two scenes. First scene is Anna protecting Elsa. Second is happy ending)


Scene 12:

(Anna now completely ice defends Elsa from Hans.)

Anna: NO


Scene 13:

(Anna and Elsa hugging on deck of ship. Elsa’s curse broken. As Sven Olaf and Kristoff stand looking on )

Elsa: You saved me. I’ll never close you out again.

Anna: I’m so glad

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