What do I expect at Hollywood Studios

Some of this might sound similar to my previous two post.

What I expect and what I hope to see are two different things. First I’ll try and guess what I expect Disney to announce as part of the expansion. Despite the burst of creativity we have seen from the Shanghai Disneyland announcement, I expect the Hollywood Studios expansion to consist primarily of attractions we have seen before. I hope I am wrong and that we see unique rides coming to Disney World. My reasoning behind this is that American travelers are more likely to just go to one park, while foreign travelers are more likely visit multiple parks.

I tried to create my own map a few times and this is the most readable version that I came up with.


  1. Radiator Springs Racer – Same as California adventure
  2. Radiator Springs Main Street – Same as California adventure
  3. Pixar small rides – Probably more kid friendly attractions. Although many folk might want to hear it, more kid friendly rides are likely to make an appearance. If you think about it, Hollywood Studios is not geared towards a younger crowd. Three of the four most popular attractions are thrill rides with height restrictions.  Toy Story Mania, the most popular ride, is younger friendly but has such long wait times that it is not repeatable. For the rest of the park you have mostly shows which, while inclusive to kids, are really dependent on their interest holding out for 17 to 45 minutes.
  4. Monsters, Inc. Dark Ride – Same as California adventure
  5. Carsland other rides – Same as California adventure
  6. Unknown – Probably still a food stop. Needs to be transitional between the themeing of the surrounding lands. Could also be a Bugs Life play area if Disney wants to reuse the Honey I Shrunk the Kids set.
  7. Mos Eisley Streets – Shops and Cantina. I expect Tatooine for 2 reasons. First, if carsland is built the Southwestern rock structures will blend in better with the desert planet look of Tatooine. Secondly, most other cities seen in Star Wars are vertical, while Mos Eisley is short and close to the brough.
  8. Star Wars Coaster – Building hidden behind Mos Eisley Streets
  9. New Home of the Jedi Academy – Within Sounds Dangerous. I hope for a nicely themed staged. I will share my ideas for this in a separate post.
  10. Room for either a restaurant or another Star Wars attraction. Could be related to unreleased Star Wars movie.
  11. Indiana Jones Adventure – Similar to Disneyland attraction. While Paris has a coaster it would need to be enclosed for the Florida weather. A new take of Journey to the Center of the Earth from Disney Sea Tokyo would fit with a Indiana Jones retheme.
  12. New Muppets Attraction
  13. Animation Academy – Rest area, Drawing rooms, meet and greets

Some other attractions which I expect to be changing or moving are:

  • New Muppets attraction – moved over to either the Hyperion Theater or Little Mermaid/One Man’s Dream building.
  • Animation Academy – more like California adventure. One large waiting room with character meet and greets on one side and drawing on the other.

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